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Pioneer company in health and environment, VigiCell was founded in 1999 by scientists from the French Scientific Research Center. We are an experimental biology laboratory specialized in the evaluation of water quality and more specifically of the impact of pollutants on human and environmental health.

Our expertise and the relevance of our services are endorsed by key actors in the water industry (policy and decision makers, multinational groups) either through isolated studies or longer term campaigns.

VigiCell is the recipient of various innovation awards.

Team and facility

VigiCell is part of “Villejuif BioPark”, a region-wide biotechnology and health cluster, and operates a fully-equipped cellular biology and physiology laboratory.

Our team is constituted of experienced scientists who contribute their best skills and creativity to meet your needs and provide on-target solutions.

Our scientific board is led by Yolène Thomas, PhD, Research Director at the French Scientific Research Center and founder of VigiCell.

Partners and network

PVigiCell has developed an extended network of partners to promote constant innovation and ensure that your challenges in health and environment will be met in their globality.

As such, VigiCell is in close collaboration with national institutes such as INSERM, CNRS, INRA, EHESP, major universities and experts.

Fully integrated in its economical environment, VigiCell is also a member of various competitiveness clusters (HYDREOS, ADVANCITY) and business associations (DURAPÔLE, AFINEGE).

In order to deploy our breakthrough services in a more decisive manner, VigiCell has signed strategic agreements with the international group groupe Saur and Belgium-based EETQ.