laboratoire de biologie vigicell

At the heart of innovation

Brought up and inspired by quality scientific research, as pioneer in the implementation of cellular biology in health and environment innovation is at the heart of VigiCell.

We conduct a constant enhancement of our cellular biology and physiology platform through development, co-development (European projects, competitiveness clusters) or innovation integration/acquisition.

Since its creation, VigiCell has developed an important network of public (INSERM, CNRS, INRA, Universities) and private (Proj&Eau, Cap Environment, RCMA, ...) partners.

As such, VigiCell has contributed in several collaborative research programs including the European project TOXICHIP, aiming to develop cell chips tailor-made for toxicology applications in water biosurveillances.

VigiCell is the proud recipient of many professional awards (France and Europe).

In development

VigiCell reinvests an uncommon amount of its earnings to constantly ensure quality and evolution of its offer. Current developments include:

VigiCell is officially accredited for research tax credit entitlement when applicable