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VIGIWATER Services pdf VIGIWATER Services pdf

VigiWater Services (pdf)

The challenge

More and more, substances dubbed micro-pollutants can be found in water (natural environments, resources, waste), that even in minute quantities display disrupting effects on biological functions.

In order to take better informed, more efficient operational decisions, water industrials need to assess the impact of pollution on living biological models. Nevertheless, this evaluation is a major challenge in regards to the complexity of the problematic, characterized by an enormous range of both pollutant and possible effects on organisms and ecosystems.

VIGIWATERTM: a targeted, useful and simple solution

To address this, VigiCell has developed VIGIWATERTM a new service designed to be:

More specifically, upon arrival at our laboratory water samples are conditioned to be put in direct contact with a selected panel of living organisms and cells representing a wide biological diversity (bacteria, algae, fungi, human cells etc.).

The whole panel comprises 25 complementary biomarker measurements in order to determine whether chosen biological functions have been compromised but its modularity ensures you can benefit from the right combination of tests to suit your needs.


The data gathered allow profiling of a toxicity potential of a given sample, revealed via 4 categories of bioassays corresponding to the following biological effects:

Experimental results are also represented in a graphical form allowing for clear readout and fast comparison between several samples (e.g. before and after treatment/process) or easier mapping (e.g. cartography along a waterway).

comparaisons de profils VIGIWATER

VIGIWATERTM is used by policy or decision makers and multinational groups in the water industry for isolated or long-term, extended studies alike.